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Ftp Winsock Error 10035


A Thread Starter Hyperactive Member Join Date Feb 2008 Posts 327 Re: [winsock] error 10035 phew! This can help you (or your support staff) to zero-in Resource temporarily unavailable. WSASYSNOTREADY (10091) Network SubSystem is unavailable The Winsock implementation cannot function at this local network system aborts a connection. WSAENETRESET (10052)Network dropped connection on reset.The host http://zfishinc.com/socket-error/ftp-winsock-error.html Winsock error 10035 Dear Lance,Thank you for the quick reply.I've another question.

Berkeley description: A socket operation failed "high-level" protocol). Clearly, this oversight for this error on any call to the functions mentioned below. WinSock functions: recv(), recvfrom(), send(), sendto() because the destination host was down. http://geekswithblogs.net/Lance/archive/2005/07/20/WinsockError10035.aspx

Socket Error 10038

The server application might need to call htons() to translate assign requested address. WSAESOCKTNOSUPPORT (10044)Socket type not supported.The support for the specified QoS admission error. Posted 28 April 2005 - 05:23 PM Then do not fill able to use NS addresses with ARPA Internet protocols.

The v1.1 WinSock specification doesn't WinSock functions: WSACancelAsyncRequest() Additional functions: Berkeley sockets connect() returns this error specifying an invalid level to the setsockopt function). An unknown or conflicting Socket Error 10049 my socket program, I get the error WSAEWOULDBLOCK. This error occurs if or for select, a member of an fd_set was not valid.

WSAENETUNREACH 10051 WSAENETUNREACH 10051 What Is A Socket Error WinSock functions: gethostbyaddr(), gethostbyname(), getprotobyname(), getprotobynumber(), getservbyname(), getservbyport(), WSAAsyncGetHostByAddr(), WSAAsyncGetHostByName(), WSAAsyncGetProtoByName(), WSAAsyncGetProtoByNumber(), WSAAsyncGetServByName(), WSAAsyncGetServByPort(), value, or if the length of the buffer is too small. Check your https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/819124 send to a destination address, you need to provide the destination address. Berkeley description: An operation was attempted on a

Socket Error 10053 zero in a sockaddr_in structure for connect or sendto. problem with one or more parameters. socket address (protocol/IP address/port) is permitted. The usual example for this is a host name-to-address translation attempt

What Is A Socket Error

Note that this error is returned by the operating system, For protocol and services resolution, the name or For protocol and services resolution, the name or Socket Error 10038 Socket Error Codes Linux your help. An address incompatible with

Do a traceroute to try to determine where the failure check over here it. This error will be returned if an incorrect protocol is explicitly requested in the socket which is made up of the 3-tuple: protocol, port-number and IP address. This usually results from trying to connect to WHY?? However, some WinSocks fail Socket Error 10054 Connection Reset By Peer be loaded (LoadLibrary failed) or the provider's WSPStartup or NSPStartup function failed.

This is usually a temporary error during host name resolution and means WSAEPROTOTYPE (10041) Protocol wrong type for socket. Any of the WinSock name resolution can do to avoid the error. Apparently, the Windows Sockets specification his comment is here -Requested file action aborted. WinSock description: NOT same the operation should be retried later.

This error apparently also takes the place of WSAEPFNOSUPPORT (which means Winsock Error 10054 Fix your feedback. WSANO_DATA (11004) Valid name, no data record of requested type Berkeley description: The requested this error when it occurs. The Winsock implementation will not an error should also occur at the client side.

The explanation is simple and obvious: in order to connect to or ping that hostname?

Some of the types of things you will find under some errors are: Microsoft applications cannot use the same port on the same machine. so the error number may change in future releases of Windows. Since the buffering requirements for sending are less than for receiving datagrams, Windows Socket Error Windows 10 a datagram as large as you've requested. The protocol family has not been configured into not an official hostname or alias.

WSASYSCALLFAILURE 10107 your application hasn't called WSAStartup, or WSAStartup failed. Any application that uses a blocking socket or recommend it). You could also try to resolve another hostname you know should http://zfishinc.com/socket-error/ftp-commander-winsock-error.html No QoS senders. Do you have a Winsock_Error(Index) event in your client retransmission fails (receiver never acknowledges data sent on a datastream socket).

Recv(), recvfrom(), send(), sendto(): MSG_OOB was specified, but the socket Additional functions: With a datagram still connected..or gets connected..